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I became interested in photography when I was in high school and my dad used some loyalty points to purchase our family's first digital camera. From the time I took my first snapshot with that little HP point-and-shoot, I was hooked to photography. I started taking pictures of everything around me from dogs to dandelions, and had a great time shooting landscapes, still lifes, and macro shots, but something was missing.

Over the next seven years my interests pulled me in a number of different directions as I played junior hockey, earned a few university degrees, and became engaged. Yet, throughout all of these milestones I still managed to have a camera with me on a regular basis while continuing to hone my understanding of what a camera could do.

2006 was a busy year for me as I graduated university, got married, and was approached by a close friend to shoot her wedding. I had shown this friend a number of pictures that I had taken over the years and she knew that photography was something that was near and dear to my heart, but she also knew that I had little experience photographing people other than close family and friends. Needless to say, I was nervous to be entrusted with the responsibility of capturing her day with my camera, but the challenge was accepted.

I shot Jess and Tim's wedding on Canada Day of 2007 and had a great time doing so. I honestly thought that would be about the end of my shooting weddings, but then the phone calls started to come in. To me it seemed like Jess and Tim were so happy with how the photographs of their day turned out that they became walking , talking advertising campaigns for my non-existant photography business.

I recently covered my 70th wedding and have come a long way as a photographer since Jess and Tim's wedding. I've acquired some new equipment, learned some new editing techniques, continued studying intriguing photographic practices, and have been teaching a digital photography course to high school students over the past 3 years.

Despite the new cameras, lenses, software, and techniques, I've come to the realization over the past few years that photography is a people driven pursuit. The ingredient that had been missing in my earlier photography was people. Place a loved one in that scene with the aforementioned dog or dandelion and the photographic possibilites became much more important, impactful, and rewarding for me, as well as for anyone who had a connection to the person in the shot.

Creating a lasting memory through a little boxy contraption is only part of the bigger picture (no pun intended) - it was the easy-going, fun, and caring nature of the picture taking process that I was able to provide as a friend that allowed Jess and Tim to relax in front of the camera and allowed me to capture their day as naturally as possible.

Today I continue to bring that same type of care to each and every wedding, engagement session, or family that I have the privilege of photographing. Just come out willing to have some fun and let me worry about the rest!

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